Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Captains Log.....stardate....something something something.....ah crap

First entry into the world of blogging. I have read and continue to read others blogs but now I think I am ready to enter into the world and fully immerse myself into this world.

A little background for anyone who cares. I am from Minnesota. Most people when they say their state say "The Great State of....", however I just call it Minnesota. Dont get me wrong, there is no place I would rather live. I just dislike the way the state is sometimes. For example, we have a Republican Governor, a Republican House, a Democrat Senate, one of both for Senators right now and we voted for Kerry. Why does this bother me you probably ask? Well aside from seeing the right person get in every once and a while you would think that people wouldnt be so ass backwards as to vote for one person this election and then vote for someone with the complete opposite opinion and plan for everything else. What IDIOT thought "I voted for Tim Pawlenty (governor) but I am going to vote for Kerry"? The other thing that bothers me is the mass of people who bought into Jesse Ventura. I was one of them, mostly because I was young and didnt know much (if anything about politics) yet if people had really looked at his stance on issues rather than his slogan and celebrity status I am quite sure he wouldnt have made it into office.

For those that dont live here we have gridlock. Not quite like what California or DC have, but it's pretty damn bad. I know the solution. I think everyone here does. Build more roads. It is kind of like IPOD's, Apple ran out of IPOD's at their stores so they bumped up production. Here, we decided not to build more roads like a sane person but to build a commuter rail line. I don't mind so much that they built the dang thing, but what I do mind is that they built it with a set budget (which was way too high to begin with but whatever), but didnt plan to build roads in addition. In fact they set the damn thing up for failure because they INCREASED bus traffic when the rail line opened. We are spending MORE money on buses than we were before and now we have to spend on this rail line that cannot even come close to paying for itself, and I am still stuck in traffic every day. Maybe I could have lived with it too if it was a somewhat effective system too. The current system circles around downtown and to the airport and mall of america. Big whoop dee do. I live in the west suburbs and the likelyhood of me seeing this thing in my lifetime is slim (as I dont travel into Minneapolis unless I have to) but now I am paying for it and rather than expand my primary highway they are turing the HOV (carpool lane) into a carpool/toll lane. Now for a fee you can travel in the carpool lane. Yip yip yip yahoo.....

And thus begins this blog
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