Friday, April 15, 2005

The pictures I posted today are from the rally sponsored by the Taxpayers League of Minnesota. I was really enjoying most of it, but unfortunatly I do not have a very large stoarge for my digital camera as the cards and battery are very expensive (to me anyways) but these are the good shots. The woman holding the "Govt't Childcare" sign ws one of about 4-5 protestors that started on the main floor. Now at first I thought they were with us because their signs made sense to me. "Privitize everything" one of them read. I thought, hey, that sounds good! Then I saw "Billionaires for Pawlenty" written on the bottom. Now I will give "Billionaires for Bush" props for coming up with a smooth slogan. "Billionaires for Pawlenty" sounds terrible. Never mind that the richest people in America tend to vote for Democrats.

However let us work on this theory. A billionaire (especially one who has been a billionaire for some time) generally has worked a business from the ground up. These are not stupid people and by and large have worked hard for every penny. They may not have been to college but they are successful, no doubt about that. So if they are successful business men (and women), would they be voting for someone who is going to hurt our economy? Would they just say "Oh screw my business, I am going to vote for someone who will end up putting me out of business."? Of course, the liberals logic always follows, "If it isn't Tuesday, it MUST be Wendsday."

I took the afternoon off and I think I will go enjoy the nice weather. Cheers all!
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