Friday, November 25, 2005

Of course, it's WALMARTS fault

Now this has been the first year in a while where I have been on the opposite end of Black Friday...buying instead of selling. I took part in a long line, the doors didnt get beat down, the people not trampled. Of course thought idiots took out in droves to America and we find drudge posting some stories of people getting trampled. Now while I have been at stores that conducted very orderly and sane practices for these events, people were complaining that Walmart didnt do enough and that they need trained security guards there. Wow, a security guard is going to do what exactly? He cant restrain anyone, he cant stop anyone, he is no more effective than a customer because your lazy ass is going to sue him and Walmart if he does anything to upset you.

This is not Walmart's fault, it is your own fault. You go out rush to a store and push and shove with the rest of them to get some chincy ass laptop that 98% of America doesnt give 2 shits for. Now that you have come out and shown your stupidity by pissing around Walmart telling them how terrible they are, maybe you should look at yourself. This is the most wonderful time of the year and what are you doing? You are being greedy as hell. I dont wake up at 2 AM to get these deals for a number of reasons. First, I dont get up that early.....EVER. Second, there is no deal worth the hassle of dealing with the 2% pondscum of human beings that are there for these deals. No discount is worth the crowds, worth my time. I actually picked up the entire 3 Seasons of "24" for $60, which is a great deal. I walked in at 7:15 this morning and was out by about 7:50 and to work only moments later (I love working next to best buy). I may go out this weekend and pick up some DVD's, I havent decided yet although I really want Kicking and Screaming so we will see.

Shame on you all for being so selfish this time of year and for trying to HURT others to fulfill your greed. Shame
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