Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Supposed I said to you that Big Child Care was driving up the cost to watch your children, or that Big Pizza was gouging you on your Large Pepperoni Pizzas. You would look at me like a mad man. But why has it becomes accepted that "Big" Oil, "Big" Tobacco, "Big" Cable and on and on and on, have become some kind of bad entity? When did "Big" becomes equal to "Bad"? Last I remember Microsoft is one of the biggest entities in the world, and yet they aren't "Big" OS or "Big" Software. Plus it is not even an implication that all these companies are in something together. Oil companies fight a fierce fight over who is going to pull marketshare. "Big" is a buzzword to make you think that somehow bigger is badder when the exact opposite is true.

Big companies like Walmart get so much scorn from liberal organizations who think that the only business that should exist is small business. The reason liberals cling to small businesses is because they will never accumulate wealth at any substantial rate. If you take a leap and open 3 or 4 new stores over the state, you get bigger. Bigger is better for you because you now are making more money and better for the consumer because your products are both more available and the bigger discounts you can pull by being a larger company.
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