Tuesday, March 08, 2005

What is wrong with education today

Listening to the radio on the way home listening to a radio discussion about the pledge of alliegence they started talking about education. Now I was in the public schools in the younger years of my life. When I reached high school my mother forced me to look into private schooling. I was fine with the change and thus switched to private school. Now I had been one of if not the smartest kid in my class in school and was quite bored with school. Now not to say I wasn't still bored with high school, but I got a good challenge out of it.

But I was special. I was different. I wasn't the only one but we were few. Then I started to realize, in private school I wasn't special or different anymore. In fact I was behind quite a few students. I had a tough time getting up to par but I managed. My school was one of the more expensive schools at right around $4,000 when I started and ending around $5,500 4 years later. Public schools spend 3-4 times as much. It confuses me quite a bit to see we are spending more money on schools and they keep telling us the NEED more money. Not want or would like but absolutely must have without question more money. Almost 50% of the Minnesota budget is spent on education and that number would sharply increase if you added in all the referendums and alike that the schools forced on us. Again going back to that inconsistancy as a theme here we have people that cant say no to a school wanting to double your property tax every 4 years.

Solution? Well it certanly isn't spending money. We have been doing it for years, giving them unchecked funds to spend wherever however they desire. Administrators get trips and cars while teachers get paid lavish salaries in their final years to up their state sponsored (not district funded) pensions. No social program has ever succeeded by having as much money as they wanted and education is one of them.

School Vouchers would be a great idea if it wasn't still a redistribution of wealth. Take from me who has no kids and give to you who has 5? Why am I paying for your child? You found someone else to have sex with, take responsibility for your pleasure and raise it.

The only thing that satisfies all sides is the complete and total dissolution of public schools as a whole. The ones currentlyopen could easily switch. This would remove quite a few few problems from schools. Children who are chronic trouble makers and not disciplined by their parents would soon find themselves without a school because no school is going to put up with their crap. Schools would no longer force people by gunpoint (and if you dont think that they aren't forcing you at gunpoint, just stop paying your taxes and wait until they show up) to fund them and would work competively to attract students. Very much like Colleges do today. The smartest people and the people with athletic talent get free rides, but everyone wants to go to the smartest schools or the most popular schools. Think about how many people know Harvard vs how many people know Hennepin Technical College.

Down with schools
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