Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Am I supposed to trust scientists more?

Thanks to the Emperor for this humorful post.


Now who among us thinks that it is great that someone destroys anyone elses property for any reason? Is there ever a time where the "greater good" outweighs someone elses rights? Thankfully the courts said no to that...for now.

LOS ANGELES - An aspiring physicist was sentenced to more than eight years in prison on Monday and ordered to pay $3.5 million for his role in a spree of arson and vandalism that targeted gas-guzzling Hummers and other sports utility vehicles.

Rejecting pleas for clemency from William Cottrell, a 24-year-old doctoral candidate in physics at the California Institute of Technology, U.S. District Judge Gary Klausner added more time to the sentence after finding that Cottrell was trying to sway consumers with his anti-SUV message.

He got what was coming to him, too bad they couldnt put him away for longer.

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