Monday, August 08, 2005


Somehow, the unions always seem to trick some of their members into believing the lie that they are better off union represented. Case in point, Northwest said they were going to cut back on flights if the mechanics union went on strike. The pilots union said it was a violation of their contract and Northwest couldn't cut its' flights service. How is this helping anyone? It helps the union in the short term yet it stabs them in the back in the long run. Next time the union goes to negotiate a contract, they will ask for a whole lot and get nothing in return because the company had to spend its money now instead of then, assuming they are still in business then. Southwest is one of the few (if the only) airline that is actually doing well in the market. They are all non-union.

Now to all you union junkies out there, let me run this by you. If you demand wages equal to $20 per hour (and note that this would be more equivilant to a $8-$10 per hour job, just add in benefits like insurance, profit sharing, et al) for a union when a business can only really afford a $15 employee pay model, you are dooming that business to failure. Now here is the odd little thing that most unions cannot grasp...IF YOUR EMPLOYER GOES OUT OF BUSINESS, YOU LOSE YOUR JOB! So many times I have talked to people and when I bring this up they say "Well, the government wouldn't let that happen." Hello? Does the government now control all methods of business and economics? Who exactly believes that the government will take every business and prevent it from failing? Should everyone who operates like AMTRAC be propped up by the government?

Unions played a pivotal role in the world by making working places safer and getting wages and benefits for people who were deprived of them previously. Now that the government stepped in and created government programs to take place of most of the unions basic functions. Once those programs were in place, the unoins took more license to step up to be "more equal" than everyone else. Once they had acheived a place of maximum greed, they stepped up into a new role. Political powerhouse. These unions took it upon themselves to make policy changes that benefitted them. For example, minimum wage laws. Every time the minimum wage is passed, mose unoins have it in their contracts that they get a proportionate increase. So who pushes for minimum wage laws? Unions. The average person doesn't live on the minimum wage so they have no interest in it. I however, being non-union make less because of the minimum wage. It creates an artificial inflation, it pushes the value of a dollar higher and the common man gets screwed in the end while the unions and their fat cat heads get richer. Yet they claim to represent the "little guy."

Little guy my ass
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