Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The coming of the Purple

No, I am not talking about the Vikings or the next berkeley pride parade but the Iraqi election fingers. The Iraqi election will be even more successful than the p revious one as everyone knows the people want to become a democracy. I am happy, however one of my co-workers grabbed my attention today and while I didn't have time to try to talk sense into him, I got the jist of his premise.

His premise? Americans sacraficed is just too many. Now I cant fault him because I agree, too many Americans have died, but they died for a cause that is needed. He also insisted that we need to send a message to the people that if any more serivce men die, we are going to pull them all. While this is a great message and threat to get more people to turn them in, I made the analogy to the mob. The choice is to tell on the terrorists and your family dies, a gruesome death, or your family lives and the country falls back into a facist state. Given the options, I would prefer to have my family.

Aside from that, we need a stable Iraq regardless of the cost. casualties are dropping and a revolution of freedom is sweeping a region that has never seen the ability to govern themselves. This is an option we cant lose.
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