Sunday, December 11, 2005

Syriana, a review

Alright, I gave in and saw Syriana. Amazingly the politics was fairly well kept out of the movie directly. I was surprised at how head on the whole thing was. It quite accurately described my feelings on the international mergers, buy outs, oil wells and what not. The rules are set up so as to hurt ourselves even though we dont want that. So we take a blind eye to the rest of the world while pretending to do something. We sacrafice a few people in a corporation to push through something that will benefit us. The one part I do disagree with in the movie though is that the US propped up a man who would be a dictator rather than the son who wanted to free the people. The choice was a free country and oil to the highest bidder, who happened to be China, or oil for us and a dictatorial state. I am quite sure, especially since we get no oil from the middle east countries like Saudi Arabia, that we would prop a democracy who would then be a little more loyal to us in the end.

All in all a good movie, more worth renting or going to the dollar theater when it moves there.
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