Sunday, September 03, 2006

Libertarian, what, who?

Normally someone like like ej's comments I would have deleted simply because he cannot seem to put together a good coherent thought without resulting to personal attacks and anger as a resolve. Sue will win the primary. But I wanted to address some core concerns of his that moved me. He claimed that Minnesota politics will become more divided than ever, The problem is that they are already divided. Most of the people voting for Sue WILL NOT be voting for pawlenty. It is not my fault he could not keep conservative values.

But I really love the attack that this is a state where conservatives get voted out. Norm Coleman ran on a conservative ticket and won. Tim Pawlenty ran on a conservative ticket and won. 1/2 of the House and Senate ran on a conservative ticket and won. Mark Kennedy is running on a conservative ticket and will win. Conservatism wins every time it is run and when you are forced to decide between a liberal like Hatch or a liberal like pawlenty, you are then relegated to a moot vote. Voting for hatch or voting for pawlenty is pretty much one in the same.

Let me make this clear, I have no plans of voting for hatch, but after the slew of very personal insults that pawlenty threw at me at the state fair last year, and his policies of tax and spend, I will not vote for him either.

Oh, and to EJ who couldn't figure out the very simply comment system, you post your comments AFTER the post you are commenting on, not before it.
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