Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Now I have protested in the past. I still have my sign from the liberate Minnesota protest at the capital this time last year (which I hope I will get to go to again). Now, my protest was rather quiet. There were a lot of us, but we aquired the proper permits showed up at the capital rotunda listened to our speakers, a couple government representitives that helped organize the thing and then we broke into groups and canvassed the capital.

This isn't meant to be a bash on protesting. In the right respects it is quite an effective tool and gets awareness of a cause or problem in society and thus makes people think and may influence some minds. Now I break with the traditional thought of people protesting in violent ways. For example, frequently on the UCLA campus and surrounding area's there are protests of all sorts of odd natures. I would find some of the photos but they are quite disturbing. Part of the parade was a protest against, of all things, clothing. People (not very pleasant looking ones either) walking down the street in chilly weather with not even shoes. Making their usualy appearence were the "War-for-Oil" tards and the abortion crowd and every "left" orginization one can think of. However their protest sparked violence and riots. Police were called to protect businesses along the "protest" route. The night ended with some rather violent anarchists trying to start a riot and quickly put down. The night was topped with an effigy burning of a doll made to look like the President.

Now it would seem to me, other than getting arrested for violent crimes, there is no real purpose to these kind of protests. I can understand the protests when the war with Iraq started. I don't agree with their message but it is their right to say it. I will always give anyone the opportunity to speak over silencing them, unless they are violent.

However the new thing that caught my attention today is the planned protest on the 2 year mark of the war in Iraq. Not a protest like we saw when we invaded. A protest of the military in general. I was listening to a gentlement on the radio speaking of the military in this protest and compared military service to neighborhood gangs on a global scale. He called the military worse than neighborhood gangs and military men and women murderers. He also claimed that it was better for someone to join a local gang than the Marines. He will be at a Marine recruiting station on March 18th to try and "persuade" anyone from signing up.

This is exactly the kind of crap that makes me wonder who these people expect to defend our country. From the people that say having a gun makes you a killer, comes having a military makes you worse than the bloods or the krypts. I am still at a loss why democrats don't understand the notion that they are weak on defense
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