Sunday, April 24, 2005


Although I don't have Showtime, I have recently gotten to liking a new show of theirs. Bullshit. It stars Penn & Teller doing all sorts of topics and calling Bullshit where they see it. Probably my favorite episode was the Enviromental movement episode.

They interviewed a gentleman by the name of Bjorn Lomborg. He is the author of the book "The Skeptical Enviromentalist". His credentials are worth noting too. He is the founder of the Danish Chapter of Greenpeace. While there he realized that all that the enviromentalist movement is are a bunch of upper-middle income college kids who preach socialism, anti-corporation, anti-globalization rhetoric. Now the anti-globalization is quite funny because simply put, the cell phones, internet, cars, planes, and other devices they use are part of globalization.

Now, the aforementioned views they are voicing are not bad views, they have every right to feel the way they do. But to hide their agenda behind "Green Speak" is dishonest and downright wrong. It is a lie. They claim that forests are being cut down to make paper products and homes...A falsehood because like any other agricultural product, trees are grown in farms. Now, another great thing that should be noted is that these people are dishonest with themselves. A majority can do the typical "Corporations bad, environment good!". When you ask them for an example or some proof, they fall back to stupid arguements that amount to "Because I say so."

I dont particularly like to talk to people who cannot answer a simple question about why. Kind of like talking to a PETA person. There is no reason in their head, just a bunch of hot air that we should harness for our powerplants. I have yet to find any environmentalist who can put together an arguement based on actual facts. Now before someone comes in and starts spouting off how bad the environment is, let us state some basic undisputable facts:

1. Every Environmental concern is showing a drastically slowed progress. Many though are actually better than they were one hundred years ago.

2. The Ozone hole has almost totaly sealed itself. We are now recognizing that it is a natural cycle.

3. We are currently in a Period of cooling. We are not at the hottest temperature that the Earth has seen by a long shot. We are also not anywhere near the lowest.

4. We have been in a long period of solar activity which inflicts warmer temperatures unto the Earth.

5. We have more trees in America than we did over 200 years ago.

6. Carbon Dioxide is needed for plant life to flourish. If plant life grows faster and stronger in high levels of Carbon Dioxide, then why the hell would extra CO2 warm the earth? Wouldn't the plants grab it back up and use it?

7. Recycling causes more pollution and costs more than a brand new product. Granted, it saves from needing to find more of a resource, but there is so much cost to it that we should use what we have first until someone can discover a much more cost effective way of fixing it.

8. There is one exception to rule 7. Aluminum. Pop cans and other aluminum products actually have a value because the cost of mining new metal to produce aluminum is more expensive.

Environmentalists are complete wacko's and like anyone, you should beware anything ANYONE says. Look for the underlying truth behind what they say. Hell, even I am skeptical of myself. There is no reason to believe anyone all the time.
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