Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The UN

The UN is, well was, a fairly good concept. Nations get together to discuss the happenings of the world and thus make the world a better place. I think the original premise was actually for a one world government. Which I dont suppose I would mind too much, except the rest of the world has a real ass backwards view of how governments should be run.

Now, I am not 100% against the UN, however without some serious reform, they cannot be held as a bastion of international peace. The UN is more a political organization than an actual meeting place for the world. Nations are able to ignore resolutions without punishment. Some nations get away with ignoring the rules...I cant blame them there, they have a lot of stupid rules. But the problem with most governments has very quickly moved into the UN. Corruption at the highest levels, bickering between nation states, GLOBAL socialism, endless false threats.

Lets start with the last of those first. Now I do not watch TV much at all. The only TV shows that I watch I usually download and watch. Otherwise I pretty much keep clear of the TV. But my girlfriend loves to watch TV as she truly despises my computer. But she did get to a show I thought I should at least see once, Desperate Housewives. Now from what I hear it is a pretty, well, lets just say that it is as close to pornography on public airwaves as one could get. The episode she tuned in on (part way through) featured one of the mothers dropping her kids off at another mothers house to watch them while she was away. Something about cookies ensued, I don't remember the whole thing, but what I do remember is the woman watching them said "No more cookies, or else" The kid shrugged it off and she was livid about his reaction. She said he would get a spanking if he didn't do what she told him. Of course he said "Mommy says that too, but she never does it." Hmmm. Of course there is a crashing sound and she walks in to see the cookie jar broken on the floor, grabs the child and spanks him. The other mother found out and is quite justified in her anger. Later in the show the one (there are 3 children) who broke the cookie jar took his brothers toothbrush and threw it in the toilet. She told him to "Brush his teeth or else" of course the kid took his toothbrush right over to the toilet and dangled it there. The mother who was distraught at realizing her children figured out she was making empty threats and are calling her bluff is caught bluffing. Then she gets an idea "If you don't brush your teeth I am going to take you over to Mrs. Smith's (not her real name but I cant remember) house and you know what she does with naughty children." To which the child turned pale and got to the sink to brush his teeth.

Is this how the UN is viewed throughout the world? I would be very comfortable saying unequivicolly yes. How many resolutions were passed about the congo massacres? Iraq? Israel? China? Haiti? Somalia? How many did the UN follow through on? In most places where the UN fails the US has to go in and clean up.

Global Socialism. Where to start. Well, I will focus on one particular issue and build around it. The World Courts. A court which is above our own nations judiciary, beyond the president, beyond any one's control. A court which could use laws that we don't agree on to try our citizens, our soldiers. If the world court were in place today, I have no doubt in my mind that the EU would be pushing for trials for all US military members. Now all this of course is based on "International Law." Which is funny in and of itself because it simply is a court to the whim of the prosecuting country. Now take that and expand it. The UN has made it its' mission to feed everyone in the world. Of course the US pays the majority of the UN budget thus we are feeding the world. Now top it with programs designed with a socialist base and countries are becoming dependant on hand outs to live.

Now the corruption and bickering go hand in hand. By its' very own nature, the UN is the home of numerous dictators and thugs. Militant power usurpers who just happened to amass an army of people to kill the last king. They are corrupt to any greasing of the palm. Evidence of this was the "Oil for Food" program that blew up after we uncovered documents of Kojo (Kofi's son) being involved in this corruption. Files mysteriously were ordered shredded right before the investigation was granted. Kofi won't even talk about it. Now in America you a innocent until proven guilty but Kofi is not an American and the amount of circumstantial evidence goes against him.

Is the UN useless? No. Is it useless in its' current form? Yes
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