Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Sick crimes with no time?

Taking a break from the Schiavo rant, I thought I would focus in on another tragedy. This man confessed to killing a 9 year old girl and raping her. Not the only time he has been convicted of a sex crime either. My question is why is this allowed to happen? We have record of him in these previous acts. Why aren't authorities stepping in and locking him down? Is Iran ahead of the US when it comes to this?

PAKDASHT, Iran - A young man convicted of raping and murdering 16 boys was lashed 100 times, and then hanged Wednesday in front of a large, angry crowd who pelted him with stones and scuffled with police.

AP Photo

Mohammed Bijeh, 23, confessed in court to raping and murdering the children, between March and September 2004. Iranian media have said Bijeh burned the bodies of his victims, all boys between 8 and 15.

Bijeh was sentenced to one death sentence for each murder he confessed and 100 lashes of the whip for the rapes.

So Now I am left to wonder. How can Iran of all places be ahead of us when it comes to removing sex offenders from the public? Why are we "treating" these people when we know that a very very high percentage of them go out and committ worse crimes. This man who went from things less harmful like exposure to children and molestation to rape and murder....Which is what almost always happens. Now I must make a note here, I do not consider his crimes of exposure and molestation to be not harmful, but I am quite sure that they aren't quite as harmful as death.

My proposition? Lock them up. No parole. The ones who committed non-lethal crimes can live a life prison sentance. The rest of them need to die. Slowly, painfully and most of all they must not be allowed back into society. Not a single one. If the constitution didn't strictly forbid torture I would say these assholes should be killed and brought back to life as much as possible until their body shut down from the stress of dying and living. Let a couple prisoners beat the shit out of these guys daily.

Along the same lines their stay in prison should be punishment. Work, hard laborous work in bad conditions and then returning to ones cell...Alone. Prison is not a place for cable TV, computers, canteens, recess, gyms, college's and alike. THIS IS PUNISHMENT. My parents when I was young stopped sending me to my room because I went there and watched TV, played on my computer (once I got one), played with my toys....I didn't learn anything in there except punishment simply means I am confined to a 11x12 foot room. Now the kitchen, that was one dull place. Kitchen table, stuck sitting there. Nothing to do or look at, couldn't move, couldn't talk. I learned my lesson. Punishment sucks. The Iranian pig who molested all those boys knows now that punishment sucks, but one has to wonder if John Couey thinks that.
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