Thursday, December 15, 2005

Somehow, the NYT misses the point.....again

The New York Times is reporting that wire taps on international calls and email were conducted by the government through presidential order afte Sept 11th. Ranting and raving about warantless watching of suspected terrorists is some sort of national crisis. Somehow watching international emails and phone calls is somehow a terrible thing. God forbid we stop more Americans from dying at the hands of terrorist swine.

Anyone remember their history? What happened in the 20's 30's and 40's in American politics? We went into closed mode, focusing only on ourselves and ignoring the rest of the world and the problems that were rising everywhere. What happened then? Well the Japenese got a sneak attack in on us and most of Europe was under German control. Now the democrats want to take us back to the times of seclusion and ignoring the rest of the world so more Americans can die in sneak attacks again. Shame on you Ted Kennedy, Howard Dean, Hillary Clinton......Shame on you all
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