Thursday, September 07, 2006

The party is over

I have been thinking about ej's comments and while I am sure he wont visit me again, I do know this...He accuses me of acting like a democrat and then tells me that because I am not backing the endorsed candidate and defying the endorsed candidate by campaigning against him, I cannot possibly be anything but a democrat. It amazes me at the hipocracy of this statement. The party that claims the other is anything but and the resort to attacks and name calling simply isn't befitting of a true conservative. Because I don't agree with ej he simply tells me that I am a democrat. If he was true to his party, he wouldn't be assaulting me because I differ in view with him but would engage me in honest and open debate. The fact that he has not return indicates quite clearly to me that he is neither honest nor open to new ideas, and when that happens you elect people like Tim Pawlenty who are not honest, and are not open. The slide to the left progresses and then people wonder what happened to the good ole days when we had a capitalistic society and low taxes.

ej, this is a calling to you...If you believe that Sue Jeffers isn't the right candidate respond and tell me why in an honest, no name calling, debate of facts and issues. If you can't do this, if you won't do this, then you are no better than the democrat you claimed me to be.
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