Thursday, November 16, 2006

I'm back

After a very exhausting foray into the mind of the liberals and their elitest attitudes I am back to my own blog. I am very excited and interested going forward especially with a lot of the progress that has been made in the recent few weeks including the ousting of Dean Johnson.

A couple things I learned about liberals in the time I was there. They hate being challenged. I told one of them "...that's a lie and you know it..." and when I went to the election night party I was assaulted by his wife telling me how horrible of a person I am for calling him a liar and then I received the pedigree of him, his wife, and every last one of their children. If you are reading this dear Mrs. Stattmiller, I really don't give a flying fuck how long you, your husband, or any of your brats went to school for. It really doesn't matter because I am still more intelligent than any of them, and at least I can hold a reasonable position with facts and back my position up where your husband can't.

But the biggest lesson I learned is that liberals are jealous and vindictive. On the site there was a commentator who went beyond the call of insulting me and used some very personal information that I only shared with the previously mentioned blogger and his wife. It is very insightful to know that they can use their friends and/or children to attack someone but don't have the mental stability to do it themselves.

The other bloggers were mostly kind and all in all, were fairly fun. One didn't even participate until election day, which was rather dissapointing because he was a total freak and would have been fun to tear apart.

A fun experience to say the least and I will move up to the next level here with some more stimulating debate.
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