Friday, March 11, 2005

Minnesota, the state where absolutely nothing is allowed

Today the court of Minnesota is hearing objections to the multi-county smoking ban which goes in effect April 1st. The metro area bars and restaurants have banded together and are seeking a restraining order against the state for violating provisions of the "Minnesota Clean Air Act" which clearly states that no one but the legislature may add to, or impose standards tougher or less than the state law. The law protects bars and restaurants from banning smoking indoors.

However the larger issue is the smoking ban violates basic issue of property rights. The government comes in and tells me that it is just fine to drink and destroy my liver than drive home in a stupor at .07 (under the legal limit) crash my car into my garage, stumble onto my couch where I pass out to wake up in a pile of my own vomit that has hardened onto my clothes also where I have pissed myself because I couldn't make it to the bathroom.....BUT GOD FORBID YOU INHALE A LITTLE SMOKE! Note:I haven't ever been that intoxicated but have seen it happen to a few people before.

There is one issue above the previous one. Government has become a Nanny to its residents. I don't know about anyone else but I don't need a legilator telling me to not smoke. I know that smoking is bad. I don't need a senator telling me what is good for me. I don't need to be hand held through life. It is almost as if the entire congressional delegation thinks that people are stupid. Even though he was a damn poor governor at least he gridlocked congress for 4 years. He wouldnt pass their legislation and they wouldnt pass his.

I need to gain some political favor.....Volunteer time I guess
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