Thursday, March 10, 2005

Rude Assholes

I don't usually dislike many people. I can't see the point in getting very worked up about it. But there are some people that really deserve some wrath. Now I work in a copier center and help people every once and a while. It is generally faster and cheaper to use the machines in the self service area and it is not all that hard. They have labels on everything on how to use it. They have little card readers for credit cards and you can pre-pay in cash. There is a 3rd option which is more time consuming and a general pain in the ass and that is that I can give my personal copying card out and then read the card when they are done and then go back and manually charge them for it.

I don't give out my card all that often for the simple reason, I am not going to give away a card that can make unlimited amounts of copies at any of our stores and worry about having to explain what happened to my card. So I always (and it is standard policy in the store too) collect the persons drivers license if I give my card out.

The other day a gentleman approached me and wanted to make some copies, just a few nothing big, so I directed him to the self service area. I told him that he could just use a credit card. To which he lied and said "I don't have a credit card." Seeing as I knew he was going to whine about prepaying because he didn't know how many copies he was going to make I just decided to not waste my time and give him my card. I told him I needed his ID. To which he gave me this blank stare. Didn't move just stared at me. I asked him for his ID again. He then said "Why?" I told him quite simply I am not giving him a card with unlimited access to all the machines in every store with no guarantee that I will get my card back. He then informed me that I should just sit there and watch him make the copies. At this point I almost told him to get out, but knowing that would garner some trouble, I simply told him "I am not going to sit and watch you make copies because I have other things I have to do." He wasn't too keen on my directness and then asked me (without any hint of sarcasm or humor) "What is your security clearence?" What? "What is your NSA security clearence?" At this point I am pretty mad that he is wasting all my time about this when there are other people that need help and he is trying to be this stubborn. I finally wrench his license out of his hands, of course while grabbing it he reveals that he has several credit cards including a bank card. Lying asshole.

So I help the next person who had a question about the self service machines. I helped them with their question and he grabs me and demands a tutorial on how to use the machines. I tell him 4 times to put his documents in face up. After I am done I start helping some other people and he raises his voice at me "It doesn't work!" Damn idiot put the documents in face down ignoring what I told him 4 times (note I even put the first set in face up and he took them out and flipped them face down) and ignored the rather large sign on the document feeder. Of course I won't charge him for the bad copies even though it is his fault it's policy not too and I understand that. So I remind him to put the documents in face up put them in for him and hit the start button. He gives me a blank stare and says "Aren't you going to clear the card?" I tell him no, I won't charge you for the bad ones and walk away to help other people. This guy ends up making about 100 copies total and comes to pay we swap cards and thats when I realize the smell that is following him....He has been drinking this morning. Alot. Keep in mind this is about 8:30 in the morning and he is plastered. Then I look at the book he is carrying, it is a postal worker manual.

I hope he doesn't come back
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