Friday, March 11, 2005

Terrorism as it relates to Gangs.

Now, for anyone who missed it, there was a shooting of a major community player in Minneapolis the other day. At some steakhouse in a pretty bad part of town a guy pulled a gun and killed 2 men, neither the intended victim. This has brought me to think of something rather ineteresting. Now one of the biggest things that people have linked to terrorism is drug trafficing. Opium, coke, and many other hard drugs are almost soley brought into this country from outside and a lot have terrorist hands in them. Then these drugs are sold down the chain to local gang bangers who use and distribute the drugs freely. Gangs by their very nature ensure the funding of terrorists, or at least a fairly sizeable chunk of it.

Another thing that gangs have in common with terrorists is death. Gangs tend to kill and kill until they end up self-destructing. Most gangs take to the streets and engage in "turf warfare" where they indiscriminatly kill other gang members through any means. Look at Iraq today and you see terrorists doing exactly the same thing. They both kill innocents, although with gangs it is usually more an accident than design. Terrorists, who have no soul, guilt, or remorse, design their attacks to kill as many people as possible no matter who they are. One thing I cannot say I ever remember seeing though is gangs demanding things from the government or else they brutally slaughter a hostage and release the tape of them doing it on TV.

Gangs in general though cause a much wider spread of problems. Terrorists rely on large scale precise attacks to gather attention so that they can just play in the background. Gangs don't seem to care if they attract attention. They like the attention but are content to work in the background without garnering attention to themselves, but instead rely on a chaotic system of attacks and territories within a city.

Given the choice, I would prefer to work against the terrorists. It is quite a bit easier to break up a well organized group than 500 small, individual groups, loosely affiliated with half the others, at war with the rest and are mostly American citizens.
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