Saturday, May 21, 2005

Guns Part 1

Let me preface this whole section with a single statement. I own no firearms. I have some replica toy guns, but nothing real. That having been said, let us delve into this topic

Now, I believe in the absolute right to gun ownership. Should I ever feel the need, I should be able to openly and freely get a gun at any time for any reason. It is not the business of the gun shop, the government nor anyone else to need to know why or for what reason I want a gun. Now, I was chastised when I was in high school because several times I stood up for absolute gun rights. I made the claim that a cannon or an anti-aircraft gun is no different than a pistol. In physical aspects it is, but in practice it is not.

Now, people quite often prop up a lot of stupid statements "Guns dont kill people, people kill people" or "Guns and crime go hand in hand." Both statements are equally stupid. If someone takes a minute to look over the statistics of guns and other countries, they would be shocked. England, which passed an absolute abolishion of guns and gun merchandise has an incredibly high GUN CRIME rate. A country that has a "no-gun" policy has a surprisingly high crime rate with guns. Flip it around then, countries with mandatory gun ownership would have astronomical gun crimes, right?

Switzerland requires every citizen to go through military training and retain their military rifle in good working order after they leave. Every citizen has a gun in their home, but their gun crime rate (and crime rate in general) is well below almost any nation of the world. Israel is much the same way.

Now of course we have the people who think for whatever reason, that if you ban guns none will ever make it to the hands of criminals. Just like banning drugs has made it impossible to get them into the country, just like banning terrorists kept them from getting into the country, just like banning spies prevented them from getting into the country......
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