Saturday, May 07, 2005

Leftists of the world unite

I thought today would be a good day to prove to the world, the absolute evil of the left. The people of diversity, tolerance, non-violence.....

First lets start off the tour with a visit to a site of pictures from just Minnesota.

Lets start with the most recent one with a protestor that can not even spell legalized correctly, and the other who compares Republicans to the Taliban. Let us do that shall we, in fact let us compare both parties to the taliban and we shall see who is the closest ally of the taliban. Next to each Republican value we will put a star (*) and for each Democrat value we shall put a pound sign (#)

Religion Run State
Women unable to vote/unable to go outside/unable to look at men et cetera
Absolute Right to Gun Ownership*
Random and State Controlled Searchs of private property without a warrant
Honor Killings#
Death Penalty for WORST offenders*
Inability to express non-state religion#
State Controlled Economy#
State Controlled Media#
No Freedom to Political Speech#
Aggressive foreign Policy*
Run to the UN for every minor problem#
Supply terrorists with materials and safe haven#
No persecution of Terrorists#
Total Populace reliance on state#
Free use of narcotics#
Anybody But Bush#

Hmmm......Look at how much the taliban and the left have in common.

Next lets move to this incredible display of idiocy. (Thanks to Pardon My English for this one)

'Kill Bush,' Swastika Painted On Golden Beach Home

POSTED: 7:28 am EDT May 3, 2005
UPDATED: 7:49 am EDT May 3, 2005
Golden Beach might be known for its cozy atmosphere and seaside mansions, but those homes have seen a series of burglaries in recent weeks and signs of hate crimes.

Those signs have come in the form of vandalism against a home in a gated community. The vandals smeared the Center Island home with swastikas. They also spray-painted the words "kill Bush" across a garage.The swastika and "kill Bush" signs were painted on the home April 23, the first day of Passover. Police said someone returned over the weekend and spray painted the number "2" with a circle around it in two spots.

Investigators said they believe it may be a hate crime because the family that owns the home is Jewish. The family is not currently living in the home because it is undergoing extensive renovation.Police said they have upped patrols in the town since the incidents, using both marked patrol cars and unmarked vehicles.Golden Beach officials said that they are also considering adding more cameras to the town's surveillance network

Now, I have always been told by the left that the Nazi's were "Bush Lovers" and that Nazi's were modeled after Republicans. Except the above chart comparing Americans political parties to that of the taliban can easily substitute the Nazi's for the taliban and remain exactly the same.

Also we have repeatedly been told that the KKK is the base of the Republican party, but the only Senator who was a KKK member is democrat Robert "Sheets" Byrd. Interesting how this party of tolerance has turned itself into allowing those who killed people simply because they didn't like the color of their skin.

It saddens me that anyone can vote for these people who take absolute stands to make them appear to be for the people, but in practice are quite against the people
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