Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Well I suppose since I havent chimed in with the rest of the world, I shall do so now.

Alito is a good candidate. It will force the Democrats to come out of the shadows and either stand up and be heard or fall back and fall flat as they cannot make the most minor of battles a victory. Unfortunately this means that the Republicans will also have to make the same decision. It is experience that tells me somehow they will both fall flat. Remember the infamous gang of 16? Something along those lines.

So here is the deal. To all who support either side, you need to take a stand. I have said before I pledge "Not One Dime" ("NOD") to any candidate who does not stand up for whats right. I encourage EVERY single person to do the same. Republican, Democrat or otherwise. If your candidates aren't voting or standing up for YOU, stop standing up for them. Show your disdain for their spinelessness.
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