Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Laptop Blogging: Day 1

Alrighty, I have several things to pick up and run with so I will chose the one I like the most. As most of you know the French have been on fire for a good long time. I am sure the media is doing a great job of making the whole thing seem bigger than it is, but come on. We have never had "race riots" like this in the US ever. We send the police in mass numbers to quell the resistors and shut the thing down. I mean look at Katrina, while there were problems yes, they were minor compared to whats going on over there.

But let this not fool anyone, this is a Islamic play to hold grip on France. The rest of the EU for that matter too. If they can move into a country like this and turn sections, whole provinces into their own mini-middle east and no one stops them then why should they follow the other rules? This is a mere attempt to overthrown the rules and laws. Just watch, there will be deomstrations shunning officials in France telling them how terrible they are for letting it happen, how terrible that the situation ever existed and then finally seperation for muslims so that this wont ever happen again.

This ranks 7 out of 10 on the bullshit meter.
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