Thursday, October 20, 2005

Why oh Why?

Alright, so I got my hands on this flier being passed out in the Orono school district and I simply cannot understand how these people think they are trying to pass logical statements....Let me read some things to you:

Lower spending and lower revenue per student. Better test scores. How long do you think this can last?

Well it has been working since Orono schools were started, amazingly it continues to work that way. In their own chart it shows that Minneapolis spends $2,000 more PER STUDENT and achieves the LOWEST test scores in the state. Alright, so we have already established that less money equals better test results. Their own charts show this. So why are they begging for money?

Our children will NOT have the technology skills preparing them for the future.

Oh, poor Jimmy will have to use a P3 instead of a P4.....

Our schools risk CLOSINGS due to boiler failures.

This because you cannot get an extra $250 per household in the district? Listen, if y you cannot budget normal maintenance costs, you shouldn't be in charge of our children's education. Plain and simple.

A potential DROP in property values.

You know what will cause a drop in property values? High taxes. Not a potential drop, but a guaranteed drop in property values.

I have a solution for every damn school district in the nation. First, cut the bullshit. You do not need "counselors" in every classroom. If there is a school shooting or something, you can hire one temporarily, but it is not an every day need. These people are dead weight, cut them. Class sizes do not make results. If class sizes translated to the ability to learn then college is totally worthless with their 100+ class sizes. Give teachers larger class sizes and the ability to discipline the students who misbehave. Expel the ones who cause constant problems. Then, link the teachers salary to the standardized tests. If your class scores 0, you get 0% of your salary. Now for all you total moronic out there who preach "Well then they are just teaching for the tests" WELL NO SHIT! If they have to learn basic addition and subtraction for the tests, you are telling me that is a bad thing? There is a reason we have tests. It is to gauge the knowledge of the children and track their development. They still need to learn because the teachers don't know the test answers before hand so they cant just teach 1+1=2, they need to teach everything.

Lastly, cut administration. Most districts can do with half their current staff easily. At the last public school I went to, there were 5 office workers. They could have gotten by with 2, possibly 1. How much more proof do you need? Foreign countries do it with 1/4 what we spend, other schools in the nation do it with less, now even the schools in the same general geographic area are doing it with less. Cut the crap.
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