Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Is there anything worse than spin?

A friend of mine informed me that they were watching a movie called "The Corporation". There is a link, but I don't really feel like giving them to hit from my site. Anyways...I had seen the preview but didn't really care watch it months ago but I thought to myself "Hey, there must be a website I can look at". Of course there is. This film prominently portrays people like Noam Chomsky (a man who has never worked outside of a school) as experts on corporations. I have several grips with this movie, but for the sake of time, I will list just a few things that really irk me.

Akre-Wilson vs FOX News. This is a pretty simple story. The two journalists were doing a story on BGH, a hormone given to cows to increase their milk making ability but also led to infections in the utters. So they used an antibiotic with the hormone to prevent the cows from contracting this infection. The antibiotic was then passed to humans who drank the milk and it lowered our tolerance against that particular infection. That was how the story was written. FOX editors said that they would not let the story run like that. They had to rewrite it to remove that last sentence. The two said no and were promptly dismissed. They filed suit against FOX alleging that they were trying to "whistle-blow" and a jury found in favor of them.

So far so good right? Well the film alleges that the suit was dismissed by a "technicality". What is it you ask? Well rather than tell people why the suit was dismissed, they gloss over it. The suit was dismissed because BY LAW, to file a suit by "whistle-blowing" the activity has to be illegal. There is an amendment protecting the press to say what they want, even if they know it to be untrue. If this were the case you wouldn't have magazines that say "Aliens landed on the White House lawn" or "Bigfoot found in Disco". The court then found that the duo knew that this was the case and ordered them to repay FOX their 1.8 million in court costs. Who would have thought filing a frivolous lawsuit against a corporation because you got fired for not doing your job would get you deeper in the hole?

They then compare a corporation to a human being calling it "Pyschotic". Yes because we know there is one person who is the corporation. There is a man called "Best Buy" who rules the corporation. He has a "pyschotic" personality. Trying to use pyschology on a corporation is like trying to get to mars by riding a bicycle.

These people need to seriously look at their anti-capitalism, anti-wealth views. If they don't like corporations, that's fine, but to produce a movie to bash them in such a manner is retarded.
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