Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Why the Venusians died

Well we all know that the colony of humans on Venus died out long ago. We feel for our brothers because they did not know the error of their ways. Of course I am kidding, there is no evidence of life on Venus, unless you ask the EU. Unreal? I'll let you decide:

Venus Express, equipped with seven instruments, is intended to map the Venusian surface and weather system, looking at temperature variation, cloud formations, wind speeds and gas composition.

Its main goal is to help understand why Venus fell prey to runaway global warming.

Oh yes. Global Warming. Because we have been running SUV's and coal plants there that have caused uncontrollable global warming causing Venus to super heat. Hint for you EU tards, consider it is CLOSER TO THE SUN, sulphuric acid clouds, 96% carbon dioxide atmosphere unlike ours which is made up mostly of nitrogen.

Damn Europeans.

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