Thursday, November 17, 2005

When we get him back, hang him

Do you know who Jeremy Hinzman is? Well simply put he is a deserter from the US army. Last march he took a bid to get asylum in Canada. His hearing happened and his first argument was that he would be prosecuted for deserting the Army. This little chicken shit thought that Canada, liberal as it may be, would give him asylum from breaking the law and his contract? His second excuse was that he would not fight in an "illegal and immoral war". Even the liberal Canadians don't buy it and said no. He is now on his final appeal which takes place in December.

Now, even though I pretty much detest what they did in Vietnam, I can understand it. The draft is a hard thing and even though I would go if called, they didn't. The difference is that this man CHOSE to join the Army, knowing full well that he would be called to action. He signed a contract with the Army and he knew the consequences should he break it. Following his logic I should go rob a bank, claim I would be prosecuted in the states and that I was only robbing an illegal and immoral capitalism machine.

I don't think even the most liberal Canadian judge will grant this slime sanctuary. If he did, it would eliminate any relations we had with Canada. I think the Canadians are tied close enough with France to realize what happened when the French didn't go along with the war in Iraq, and if they think that covering for this pool of human scum will do anything but harm their economy, they are sadly mistaken.
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