Friday, December 23, 2005

What should the Police be doing?

A couple weeks ago, as I pull into Chipotle to pick up some food on the way home, what greets me as I get out of my car but a squad carwith it's lights on. A cop gets out and gives me a warning for expired tabs. Oops, my bad. However also in the warning she notes that my license isn't registered to my new address (it was in fact 2 previous addresses, but I didnt tell her that) and I didn't have a proof of insurance with me. Now let me state emphatically here that I havent carried insurance in 3 years. Mostly because the cost is ridiculous, but also because I am an overly cautious driver. I dont get into accidents, in fact I have even avoided accidents that other people would have caused by hitting me. I am a DAMN good driver. I also dont care for the government to keep tabs on my residence. If they dont like that my residency is old on my license, they can really kiss my ass. I have no reason to pay them $20 a year to get a new license if I move then every 5 or so years another $40 for a renewal. I'll change my license when you take that 35% of my wages and apply it to you "fees". Tabs are a waste of time and money, simply a luxury tax hidden into purchasing a car when it is almost essential to own one in these times.

Alrighty whatever, I get insurance that night, I get tabs and change my license earlier this week and I go to the police station to clear the warning. The gal grabs all my stuff, signs off on everything without checking deeper into it, but tells me that I need to put my tabs on in front of an officer. OK, whatever. I wait as she gets the officer and it is the same one who pulled me over, great we can get this done and over with. She tells me she needs to make a copy of my insurance card....I give it over and she goes back inside. About 25 minutes later she comes out and says "You're lucky it's Christmas" and proceeds to tell me that since I got insurance after I should have my license revoked and a fine and blah blah blah....But she's going to let me off. Then closes with the mafioso warning "I know what car you drive and I know where you live, so if I see you you better still have insurance."

I almost punched her square in the nose. If she pulls me over to FIND something wrong, I will drive off on her, no question. But then telling me she knows where I live almost cut it. This is a cop in another city, who followed me for over a mile into a different city without lights on or anything to pull me over. I doubt she'll ever read this, but if she does, I want her to know that she can burn in hell.

Now, there are several lessons we shall learn here today now that I have shared that background. First, the government should not be asserting anywhere a private enterprise as a mandated service. It is not mandated that you have water, electricity, phone or homeowners insurance. It is not mandated that bikers, pedestrians, gun owners, boats, planes, or trains have insurance. So why is it on cars? Why are we allowed to assume risk on those other popular transportation forms and not on others? If I chose to carry insurance, that's fine, but to mandate it is something that is criminal. We take risks in our every day lives, why is it that we are forced to not assume risk for cars. If everyone who drove and got into accidents had to pay for their own faults, there would be a lot less drivers and a lot less accidents.

Seat belt laws also irk me. Again, I have to wear something because you think it's good for me, but then turn around and REVOKE HELMET LAWS ACCROSS THE NATION FOR MOTORCYCLES!? Give me a break.

Anyways, this is a long rant about a mafia police officer and their insistance that instead of solving a murder case, or stopping some sort of actual crime against a person, they are better off collecting revenue from a taxpayer. Take for instance the fact that their rape rate is higher than the national average... Instead of preventing some sick twisted asshole from forcing themselves onto an innocent, lets try to collect $200 in fines from people!

New Hope PIGS (and yes you are pigs), get out there and prevent some actual crime. Your job is to SERVE AND PROTECT, not to harass and collect. Got it? Good.
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