Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Why I dont like New York

Alright, no one hates New York more than me. Seriously. I have never been there and I hope to visit every other area in the world, but New York is once place I do not ever want to go to. Case in point is the snobs that work the transit union going on strike. UPS pilots even decided against going on strike sortly before the Christmas shipping season in a sense of decency. Of course the fair New Yorkers decided to go on strike.

Rightfully so a judge slapped a 1 million dollar a day fine against these bastards and is enforcing a 2 day no-pay clause in the city laws. Also each picketing transit employee is subject to jail time.

This affirms my belief that no union, anywhere in this nation, is currently serving the needs of the people they claim to represent, the needs of the consumer they pretend to "protect" and is a clear agent of anti-capitalism.
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