Monday, January 02, 2006

How Science Went Wrong

Now if you need any proof of how science works, take 2 large money grants. In our hypothetical situation here we will take global warming as our issue. Now We give one grant to a scientific community to find out how much the earth has warmed in the last 100 years. We take the other grant and give it to a team and tell them we want to know how much the earth has cooled in the last 100 years. The results will always be the same. Team A will say that the earth is warming, team B will say the earth is cooling. Scientists are always given a goal in a study and then will use any means to find the conclusion that the paying party wants. Give me enough money and I will get a team of scientists to claim the earth is flat. As much as they claim to distance themselves from money and "seek the truth" scientists fall under the category of capitalists in a non-capitalistic endeavor. Money is not made in science of theories and such, science is made in creation of goods and services. Global warming studies do not make goods or services (unless you happen to be a democrat....), but to secure their current and future funding they will go to any means to say it happens even when there is contradictory evidence otherwise.

Stem cell funding is another one. Many scientists backed their claim that embryo stem cells were going to be the next miracle cure, that nothing was better poised to revolutionize the medical industry and they based this off of one Korean mans work, work that now turns out to be faked. The mainstream science rebuked stem cell lines for many years saying that fully developed stem cells were just as good if not better and invitro stem cells were the same as embrionic lines...I cannot recall how many times I was called an idiot or a moron for sticking up to the fact that these stem cell lines weren't any better and were no miracle cure.

Scientists find what they are paid to find and until that goes away, we will never have true science.
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