Sunday, January 01, 2006


As reported by the Yorkshire Post, the "ozone hole" has had its' 20th anniversary. The biggest crock in antarctic history has been celebrated with this...

And while the original discoverers still keep a watchful eye on what lies
above – this year's hole was one of the largest on record – for the first time in more than a decade, they claim they may be seeing not the beginning of the end for the hole, but, to paraphrase Churchill, perhaps the very start of the end of the beginning.

So what are we to conclude? The Montreal Protocals banned 96 different "ozone-depleting" chemicals yet we have NOTHING to indicate that they have helped. Now notice how the scientists work here to scare you. The ozone "hole" is not a permanent fixture. It appears in the spring and is gone by the fall. Now I dont know about anything else that happens like that...In fact it has been described by many scientists as a repair phase of the ozone and the hole is naturally occuring. But now, after all these good chemicals have been banned is most developed countries, chemicals that were better that the replacement ones of today, we see the LARGEST hole on record. So now that a space shuttle has exploded because of faulty panels brought about by this eco-scare we see that they were wrong. And yet none have the balls to admit THEY WERE WRONG. Science has become a tool and is not about doing whats right, but about doing whats easy.

I'll detail that tomorrow.
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