Thursday, March 01, 2007

Time Off

I decided that a few months off to regain some sanity was well needed and thus I have taken some time off and have returned. I decided that with my birthday in the immenant future, I should probably look back at the last few months and make some comments.

Tim Pawlenty won re-election to the horror of conservatives, but not the Republican party. Looking at the returns, many many people tossed aside good candidates like Mark Kennedy and Mary Kiffmyer by large margins in order to vote FOR pawlenty. This either makes two points in the state. Either Minnesotans are vastly liberal (which I know they aren't) and view pawlenty as liberal or not quite as insane as Mike Hatch, or there was some serious election fraud. No poll ever put Amy Klobuchar ahead of Mark Kennedy by the numbers that were shown on election day, this either means the pollsters of Minnesota needs to rework their percentage of error to 20% or there was a serious problem at the polls. I'll let the readers ponder that thought.

It is snowing more in Minnesota now that it has all year. Global Warming my ass. However I have dealt with the specifics of this topic before and would kindly redirect your attention that way.

Final Fantasy 12 is a very solid game, not so much as previous title's, but the story hasn't let me down so far. The new Zelda is near perfect in every way.

Much to my delight, World of Warcraft, the Burning Crusade was released. Almost as good as I had hoped, but seriously lacking in many areas as I expected.

Thus the world continues, as do I. Look out Bloggers, I have returned
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