Friday, July 01, 2005

And then there were 8...

Today I want to touch on something that hasn’t been an issue for 11 years. A presidential appointment to the Supreme Court. Now I don’t pretend to know exactly the in’s and out’s of the Supreme Court but I at least expect 3 things from the sitting congress.

The first thing that needs to be done is find someone who at the very least understands the constitution. For example, when the constitution guarantees people the right to property it doesn’t mean that government can come in and take it to resell it for the governments profit. Or for example when the constitution forbids the federal government from usurping the states power (which is everything not mentioned explicitly in the constitution), that does not give congress the right to go in and remove the states rights under a clause meant for commerce.

The second thing that will be done is obstruction. Now don’t get me wrong, there needs to be bumps and stops in the appointment process but a filibuster is not a constitutional option. In fact it is not even enumerated in the original rules of congress. Congress simply did not want to make people have to cut off debate so they allowed unlimited speech, it was not until years after the first congressional delegation that the filibuster made it’s appearance by someone who wanted to stop the bill by not stopping for a vote. Now we need that to change, we need a real filibuster. Currently all that happens is that the senator in question says “I’m going to conduct a filibuster” and then a cloture vote is held, if it fails then the bill is scrapped, and if it passes then the bill is passed. We need to eliminate this announced filibuster and make these people stand up and speak for hours at a time. Earn your wages congress!

The third thing I expect is a removal of “moderate” judges from any decision on the court. This simply is not acceptable way of appointing justices because as the voters showed last election, we have a mandate, a rather large one too. People want us to take charge and if we don’t do that the odds of us staying where we are is slim.

Only one thing I would like to see, an impeachment of the 5 justices that voted to shred the constitution and give away my property to the highest bidder.
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