Friday, July 01, 2005

Take it away

I was watching the news this morning when it was reported that a man who had shot a bouncer at a bar was also a holder of the new (now court rejected) conceal and carry permit. It was a jab at the permit as their next story was about the “tough” battle over the permits and how “hard” it will be to get them re-instated. Now, I was thinking about how guns are classified by some people in society. People seem to think that a gun causes columbine style incidents without any involvement on its own, while at the same time denying any actions by the owner UNLESS it pushes an agenda.

Consider this, the typical argument after you boil down the entire base of it is that people say someone, somewhere, sometime, somehow could possibly kill someone with a gun, thus we should ban them because someone might get hurt. People die from water every day, should be ban water because it might harm someone? No obviously not since we need water to live. What about fire? We don’t need fire to live anymore now with technology that we have, fires should be banned. Cars kill more people every year than guns do yet we don’t need them to live and they are legal and easier to get than a gun. Medical accidents kill more people than guns each year. There are numerous other things that one should worry about before they worry about a gun.

Aside from when I hunted with my dad as a child, I have never seen anyone beside myself my dad and a couple of my dad’s friends wield a gun outside a shooting range. Well, I have seen a cop with a gun I don’t really count that because it is standard for a cop to have a gun, nothing abnormal. However I have never seen a robber, I have never seen a murderer with a gun, nor have I ever been exposed to a gun outside TV and my own rifle range experiences.

Yet people seem to have this phobia about guns. A phobia is an irrational fear of something. To say someone is a “homophobe” is much a lie. No one fears gays, much in fact they hate them. An irrational hate is a not a phobia. However if I called someone a firearmaphobe I would be looked at with contempt and hatred. Guns are as much a part of society as cars, fast-food, water, and politics.
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