Sunday, July 17, 2005

Karl Rove has spurred a bunch of radio ad's across the country in which they attack him and accuse him of things that have already been disproven, so aside from the libel they at the end say "Karl starts with a K, just like the Klan."

Wow, anyone with half a brain should be able to see exactly what they are comparing him to. Trying to link the KKK to republicans which are quite more in line with democrats. But let us recap the link between democrats and the KKK. Democrats have Robert Byrd, former clansman who was one of the chief obstructionists to the civil rights amendment. More democrats voted NO on the civil rights amendment than republicans and it was a republican who lead to the clearing of the filibuster. Now they want to accuse Karl Rove of being a klansman? Give me a break

*UPDATE* This has been proven as a parody, but has duped several people. A worthy parody because it sounds quite real.
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