Monday, July 11, 2005

A nation without a culture

I found something interesting as I read a lot of the news reports and the history in London. Several people, several muslims, don't even consider themselves British! They praise the terrorists and blame the Jews for the bombings. "But this is a nation of peace!" screams the liberals, who don't think that terrorists exist. These same people think it is fair to screen only everyone instead of the people (muslims) who are causing bombs to explode and kill people. What sense does it make to screen people who are not typically the mold for terrorists!?

But on from there, we are facing the same type of sentiment in America. Look at the Mexicans that run across the border freely. When they get here, rather than assimilate into the culture of the US, they congregate together to try and turn us into Mexico. We simply cannot allow these people to continue to change America to Mexico. I certainly do not want a country like Mexico.

There are only a couple options that we could exicute without killing our country. The first is to secure the border. Not with guards, not with moats, not with patrols...I am not saying that we won't still need them, but they need to be a suppliment. The first thing we need is a very large, concrete wall. It worked in Israel and it would work here. It needs some suppliments though, such as a large moat behind it, about 30 feet or so deep with nothing but cement walls. With some ingenuity they could make it past both of these, so the final fail safe is automated turrets along the border will eliminate anyone trying to push beyond that. Border patrol would only be responsible for maintenence of these areas and responding to failures cause by actual attacks on the border. Nothing else is going to stop these people from coming through.

The second part of the plan is taking care of the ones here. We couldn't round them all up overnight and deport them. My plan would be to tighten down on every business and law enforcement agency. Every time you apply for anything, your Social Security number is run through a computer. Driver license, bank account, home loan, car title, insurance, job, credit card...Every single time they run it against a database. You will always be approved but if your flag as illegal then INS comes and visits you. If INS is unable to get ahold of you for questioning then ALL your SS tied items are immeadiatly frozen.

Illegal immigrants CANNOT be allowed.
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