Thursday, July 14, 2005


Today I want to touch on something. Perception is reality. This phrase has been popularized by many people as a means to distort what reality is. For example, the fact and hard reality is that Bill Clinton cheated on his wife with Monica Lewinsky, his perception is that he didn't "I did not have sexual relations, with that woman, miss Lewinsky." Was the reality then that he didn't actually have sexual relations with that woman even though the fact of the record quite clearly shows that he did?

Perception is not a means by which to escape guilt or move beyond, but it has become one. People percieve that someone is insulting them, harassing them, bossing them, whatever it may be even when they are not. Shit happens, your feelings will get hurt, such is life. You need to deal with it like a grown adult and not fall on the floor kicking and screaming because someone made you feel bad. Do you think that a terrorist is going to stop from blowing a building up because it might hurt your feelings? Do you think a robber is going to not break into your house because you might feel bad? If you are a depraved liberal, probably, but for those of us with a brain we all know the answer is no.

Perception is perception, reality is reality...The two will never mix
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