Thursday, July 07, 2005

Why things happen

Now, as appalled as I am at the terrorist attacks today, I feel much more worry than I do anger. Not worried about my safety or the safety of anyone else…Ok maybe that hits a little bit of it, but I am more worried that the attacks are going to spawn something similar to the Madrid bombings of about a year ago. What do I mean by that? Well fortunately the UK held an election not too long ago, but there could grow a segment of the population that decries their involvement in Iraq as the reason for the attacks.

People fail to realize that their involvement in the Iraq war has nothing to do with this at all. In fact it is probably one of the furthest reasons for these attacks. This will not stop the hate filled “peace” activists from causing as much trouble as they can to try and blame America, blame the UK, and blame all the victims of terrorism for the crimes committed against them. Understand this now, we are hated because we are not them. They hate us because we do not conform to their religion, because we do not salute “Allah” as our god.

I want all British Citizens to rise up in arms against these people who pretend to care for human life. I want you all to rise up against the terrorists. You need to stand strong, stand united, and stand against global terrorism, not through flower power, but through the power of a fist and a gun. Bombs are what these terrorists understand and I think it is time we speak their language.
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