Friday, July 08, 2005

The redcoats.....erm muslims are coming!

"USA watch your back, Osama is coming back" and "Kill, kill USA, kill, kill George Bush". They also chanted "Bomb, bomb New York" and "George Bush, you will pay, with your blood, with your head".

Now, I bet you are wondering from where that comes from. Was it Iran? Pakistan? Iraq? France? No, this was London after the false story about Qu'ran abuse came from newsweek. THOUSANDS of muslims in London converged to chant these slogans. Rather than lock these people up, they were all let free. Yesterday, we saw a culmination of these peoples threats with the loss of British lives. Now even though I detested Saddam and his policies, I never stood outside the Iraq embassy shouting "Kill kill Saddam!" Unfortunate as these bombings are, they are quite preventable.

"Well you must not be suggesting..." YES, I am! Who was the last woman to blow up a commercial ariliner? Or the last Christian to blow up a subway in the name of God? Who is the leader of the group that attacked us on 9/11 or 7/7? Was it an Protestant White Irish guy? I realize that not all muslims believe this, but if you believe that the lives of millions of people are less important than the inconvience of scutiny over some people, then you are crazy. If I were a muslim, I would gladly put myself under a microscope to prove my innocence. However after 9/11 the only thing that muslims hurried to do was make sure they weren't blamed. Not that the attacks were bad or reprehensible, but to protect their "rights".

In a world where terrorism exists, we cannot worry ourselves with trying to protect the terrorists.
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