Thursday, September 29, 2005

If there is....

A better place to get your hair cut than an Aveda school I don't want to know.

Today I was greeted by an empty lobby at about 1 PM, paid my $12 for my haircut and proceeded to sit in the lobby. One of the massage students asked me if I wanted a complimentary chair massage while I waited. Of course this wonderful free massage had to end early because my stylist was ready and I walked up to sit in the chair. She was very concerned about gettting hair in my collar and getting my collar wet she went to extra steps to protect my nice dress shirt from everything. A wonderful wash of my hair and it was on to the cut. Now aveda does not use clippers. They cut every single strand with a scissors, a truly remarkable experience. But she was so lite with her touch that I could have fallen asleep and not been woke by the hair cut. After the cut was over she made sure to brush all the hair out of my neck and walked me down to the lobby and gave me her card.

Aveda is just a sweet place to go.
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