Friday, September 09, 2005

Today, Tomorrow and Forever


The first step into a corporate structure to move myself up the ladder. An application to be a regional trainer and set the structure for new team members. A position to strike deeper into the corporate structure and set myself up for a push straight on up. Likelyhood of CEO is not high, but I am close enough.


An encounter (ahem, mind out of the gutter please) with someone of the opposite gender which will be confusing and difficult. If nothing I will learn something and possibly advance my working knowledge of them. If more then I shall be quite pleased indeed. Look to the positive first, the neutral second and never the negative.


A working goal into the government. A polticians life for me. If I wish to keep this hope alive I must enter the realm soon. I have 12 years before I can run for President, which is 14 years to an election. This means I have 12 years to get elected governor as senators do not get elected president historically. However I will tie Teddy Roosevelt for being the youngest president, and I will beat Kennedy by 1 year. Keeping my eye on the prize, never forgetting, never wandering, always looking forward. If I move forward in life without the ability to be President, then the only other acceptable option is a Senator (or a Supreme Court Justice but that will not happen). Moving forward, to the goal.
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