Saturday, September 17, 2005


For whatever reason, over the last 2 weeks or so, I divulged from politics in an interesting journey of self exploration. Trying to find things to do that did not involve a politician, a computer and actually got me out of the house. Of course a failure on the scale of Donald Trumps bank accounts.

One thing though that never seems to surprise me is the nature in which politics wheels around most things. For example, one of my endeavors happened to be meeting people at bars. The bars I went to were no where near capacity, no one could smoke so no one wanted to go there. The bars I was at also had last call around 12:45 because they didn't have the license to be serving alcohol until 2. Most probably would have applied for it by now if they had the business to support it.

This brings me to a new point. Realistically I don't ever believe this will happen, but it would make the most sense. Smoking should either be allowed or banned. There is no reason to slowly cook out every place that smokers would normally go, raise the taxes to unpurchasable prices or to sue the tobacco companies into bankruptcy. It simply makes no sense. Laws proposed to fine parents who smoke with their children in the car, laws to prohibit businesses from catering to their clients, prohibiting employers from having a room designated for smoking, preventing tobacco shops from allowing their customers to sample different things in the store, suing the companies making the products in the name of the people (note, I still haven't seen my check for this...), and on and on and on. We did this with other drugs. Cocaine is illegal 100% in any place anywhere. No need to quote the failing war on drugs but this is a much more successful program and getting people to not use the product than all these other little crap shoot laws they are passing.

As a service to my readers, I must disclose that I am a non-smoker. But just because I am does not give me ANY right, nor does it give any other non-smoker any right to tell a smoker what they can or cannot do. If you think that you have any right to impose your actions on others it makes you an ass. I simply cannot begin to explain how so many people think that it is a great thing that we impose laws unto people who don't need/want them. I am fine with abortion being legal, but in the process all the sudden we get laws not in the constitution, not passed by any legislative body, and all the sudden propped up by the government subsidized as a medical procedure. If you want abortion, first give the power to govern back to the states and let them decide. The people will chose the right thing. After that, remove abortion from the list of required medical treatments for people who can't pay. Remove the federal/local funding of MY tax dollars for the practice. Abortion clinics that offer "free" or near-free abortions should show people the actual cost of a procedure like this. All the sudden people have to pay the $2500 up front for an abortion instead of paying $20-$100 they might reconsider.

I don't think people should have abortions, I think it is killing, but I am not going to ban guns because it will lower the crime rate. Most certainly I will not ban abortions to lower the abortion rate.

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