Saturday, September 03, 2005

An Open Letter to the "Governor"

Dear Mr. Pawlenty,

I voted for you in 2002. I thought that you would hold true to your word and say no to new taxes. I thought that you would change the system and make good on your campaign promises. However you didn't and since I am not in the capital 24/7 like you are I gave you the opportunity to explain yourself at the state fair when I asked a very simple question to you. Rather than answer my question you verbally attacked me for calling you on your tax, suggesting that it is a fee rather than a tax because it is a voluntary action to smoke. Let me point out the absolute absurdity of this statement. I chose to work rather than apply for welfare or panhandle for money, should my income tax now be re-designated a "fee"? I drive a car because it fits the way I need to get to work and other activities, should we no longer call it a license tax, gas tax, or sales tax on car purchases? Instead should we call them License Fees, Gas Fees, and Sales Fees? These are all voluntary things, but why can these be called taxes and others fees?

Simply put, you recanted on your word and SIGNED pledge to Minnesotans everywhere that you would not raise taxes. You said that you had to work with the Democrats because Minnesotans didn't want a shut down. People realized that this so-called shut down affected them in minor ways but unless you were a state employee the shut down did not have a noticeable effect. You should have shut down the government and you should have held your breath until the Democrats gave in because it is their constituency too, but instead you compromised your values to satisfy them and in doing so doomed yourself.

You see, 1 year ago you could have been a presidential candidate with a good hope of winning. I thought that you could reform Minnesota and be the next Ronald Reagan. I tell you this with 100% confidence, you will not win re-election in this state, you will not win a primary for president, and unless you run as a Democrat, you will never hold any office in Minnesota ever again. When you signed the tobacco TAX (that's right, it is a TAX), you threw every political ambition out the door and sealed your fate. I hope you decide to save yourself by either repealing the tobacco tax, or resigning effective immediately because we need a true Republican to lead the way and undo this damage you have done.

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