Saturday, October 15, 2005


Is it breaking Godwin's Law when invoking the Nazi Party and reffering to them as the Nazi Party? Oh well, anyways "race riots" spurred when the National Socialist Movement calling themselves "America’s Nazi Party" were going to have a march through Toledo.

Now I have no love for Nazi's. I wish I could hang all those sick bastards, but for anyone to riot over allowing them to say their piece is a moron. Yes what they are saying is terrible, yes what they stand for is despickable, yes they are the slime of humanity...But if you and I deny them their right to speak, then we might as well shut down the blogosphere because somewhere, someone is offended by what we are writing. If all it takes is a criminal action to shut down free speach, we would find ourselves in a dictatorship where only those who could bully and intimidate the best would be our leaders.

To all you people who "riot" when the KKK comes to town, shame on you. To all of you who shout down the Nazi's, shame on you. These people have every right to say what they want to say and even though I don't agree with it, I will fight to the death to protect it.


One other funny thing noted is that the Nazi's were protesting because of the lack of police and politicians actions against gang violence. According to the aforementioned article, the rioters were made up mostly of male gang members in their 20's looting stores and throwing rocks at property and people.
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