Friday, October 14, 2005

This year in history

I would like to impose, if I may, a brief timeline alteration. A momentary pop to show the timeline of World War 2 if we had the current politicians in office during that time.

1933: Hitler rises to power. Democrats complain about how Germany is in poverty and prepares aid packages to take care of the German people while ignoring the mass poverty at home. Bush proposes tax cuts to stimulate the economy, Democrats call the plan "foolish" insisting that only massive tax hikes and an expansion of the income tax into all brackets would regenerate the US economy.

1934: The 1st Neutrality act passed narrowly by congress. Voting 51-49 Senator McCain swings the vote to stay neutral and not get involved. This single cowardly act cost the lives of millions of American men. Mussolini maintains power through murder of his political enemies, violence at the polls and threats of retaliation against anyone who voted against him. The democrats call the Italians elections "An amazing success".

1937: Nanking Falls to the Japenese, over 200,000 killed. After many months of bickering over trade and trade issues they finally decide to stop selling to the Japenese. Marines are sent to China as a peace keeping force but are recalled by the Democrats because of the neutrality act.

1938: America less willing to forgive Japan, seeks the end of appeasement like in Europe. Ted Kennedy calls for a full appeastment offer in the form of supplies and weapons to Japan to discourage them from attacking China. Hitler occupies Austria claiming the "Anschluss", democrats praise Hitler for reunifying the 2 countries and grant recognition of the new state and government. "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast causes massive widespread panic as people think that the world is being invaded. The FCC calls for immeadiate restrictions on all radio broadcasts and an interuption every 5 minutes to let everyone know it is a fictional story.

1939: Liberal rag Time names Hitler "Man of the Year", The counquest of Europe continues with even more enthusiastic support from the left. The soviets and the nazis sign a pact together. Poland falls.

1940: France falls. Bush calls upon the congress to increase spending on military supplies and readiness. Democrats and rivals call upon Bush to repeal his tax cuts if he wants to spend on military readiness. They filibuster the military spending bill, docks and factories sit in idle. Japan formally joins the Axis

1941: Japan seizes the moment. They launch a full out attack on Pearl Harbor. When they get there they find a mothballed wreck of a fleet. Still the pursue destroying everything. The forces fight back but run out of ammunition very quickly. thousands die, many more injured. It is the darkest day in modern history. Bush takes to congress a declaration of War against Japan. Quickly it is ratified. Bush also proposes a massive military spending bill to build up against this common enemy. Only half is approved.

1942: Amercia is using antiquated technology to fight in the pacific. They are losing badly. Although new ships are in construction, they are taking a long time to build and test as the funds were lacking previously. New designs have been few and the technologic advances minimal. In the mean time millions of American men have been drafted and are preparing for war. Democrats launch a "Pearl Harbor Panel" to "assign responsibility to those who failed to know about the impending attack".

1943: Submarine wars begin. America is still behind in production because of the lack of funding for the war effort. Submarines being to play the larger role in water, however while equal in numbers, we are unequal in strength. There are massive losses to our troops but we hold our own enough to continue supplies and troops to Europe. The Japenese entrench themselves in the Pacific and continue to ravage China.

1944: Europe effort increased. Preparing for an attack of massive size and strength a build up of troops begin in England. Bush consults with the senate leaders about plan "Overlord". Democratic leaders then blast the president for throwing the troops lives away in this fools errand. After giving intimate details about the plan, the Germans double their defenses along the coast. All hope of a secret invasion is lost. Focus then turns to Africa, but by this time Hitler has already moved troops and lines to progress into Russia. Devestation in Russia befalls the Nazi's but it is a minor loss because most troops are on the western front.

1945: Major Allied victories in Africa are hindered by massive losses from the bombing of London and the fall of Midway and Hawaii to the Japenese. Democrats insist that we are in a quagmire and we must withdraw our troops. Democratic faithfull hold anti-war protests weekly.

1946: Germans divert troops in a stunning tactic and land them in Ireland. All troops are needed to fend off the German invasion and the Africa missions come to a standstill. In the Pacific Japan has turned to the South Pacific. Landing troops on New Zealand and Austraila, they are quickly defeated. They then turn their eye to South America as a staging ground to get at the US. Democrats continue to insist that appeasment is the only way to win. Bush proposes another spending bill for military support, only 1/4 of it is approved.

1947: England is now occupied by German forces in 90% of all the cities. The only ones holding out are port towns and are being evacuated to America, Canada and other British colonies. Japan meanwhile has taken over India and is moving to take Russia from the east. Meanwhile they have landed in Mexico, taking over in a hurry. Bush proposes a huge border patrol spending bill to defend America. The democrats call it "racist" and "anti-immigration", it is filibustered and defeated.

1948: Germany makes headway into Russia. Footage of Hitler walking through the Russian capital is spread world wide. Hitler sends messages to the US to surrender or else they will face the wrath of Hitlers newest weapon of destruction. Japan tries several attempts to cross the border into America but is soundly turned back by armed Americans.

1949: 3 Nuclear bombs are dropped on American cities. One is New York, one is Philidelphia, one is Washington D.C. Massive casualties, America Surrenders. The country is divided in half between Japan and Germany. If you are west of the Mississippi you are Japenese, east you are German. Learn your new language please.

All of this is taken from real world events. The sayings may not be exactly from democrats, but it is darn close. All comparisons taking from the war on terror. Not exactly the same I know, but if they go this easy on terrorists, how easy will they go on a country?

I decided to skip the prisoner abuse section because I couldn't find a good place to fit it in. That's all
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