Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Tonight I feel like I should touch on a subject somewhere in the middle of the of everyones mind right now. Where is my party!? Dem's are thinking it, Republicans are thinking it, independants want it, and libertarians don't give a shit. This will undoubtably offend everyone. I spared no one from this and dont really care if you agree or not.

Let's start with the side I voted for. We have the leader, W. I voted for him once as I wasnt old enough the first time. He is failing to lead this country. Rather than do what is needed in Iraq, he tip-toes around the issues allowing more men and women to be killed in the process. Don't worry democrats, you get a portion of this too. A budget out of control and no cuts to any services, only increases. Signed willingly by the leadership and the congress. Given over wheling control of the house and the senate, Bush has the ability to move conservative mandates and fails to do so very often. His court appointments are a mess, I still don't like Roberts and I am very opposed to him as Chief Justice, but I can only pray he will stay the course. Miers is a myriad of trouble. Untested, not a full fledged supporter and disliked by both sides, she was a total flop of an appointment. Moving right down the line we have the senate who started all the idiocy that the president signed. Moving even further down to the state level is the Governor of Minnesota, Mr. Tim Pawlenty. The man who pledged to reform Minnesota by passing "No New Taxes" and appeared at the last 3 Taxpayer rallies held on the capital steps on Tax Day pledging no new taxes, has actually raised taxes. He has done nothing to help Minnesota instead pushing a bloated budget along, allowing the raising of property taxes en masse, dropping key conservative legislation and denying the party some of the best hope for reform.

The Democrats are suffering from depression. The inability to put together anything that resembles a platform of issues, an electable candidate, or a plan for anything. They have become a party of "No" rather than the former party of ideas. At least Al Gore could come up with his "Iron Clad Lock-Box" rather than the "No" to any plan. Right now without reform for social security we are costing our children 1.7 trillion dollars. And you want to gripe about the cost of the war in Iraq? Democrats also need to clean house. There are several states where some people could be taken out and replaced by younger, better, more appealing candidates. Ted Kennedy for example could bow out and be replaced by a young virulent candidate who has none of the marks that Kennedy does. A younger face to the Democratic party is a start, maybe the youth will have some ideas as well, especially ideas on how to win back those young voters.

The Greens suffer almost the same problem as the Democrats except they propose solutions that cannot be accomplished. They allow Nader to keep running and unless you are 40+ you usually dont know who Ralph Nader is or what he has done. His stances are Marxist as any political knowledgable person could point out and this country overwhelming does not endorse the communism he supports.

Libertarians are mostly delusioned Republicans (like myself). However they put up no candidates in most elections and the ones they do put up never get any promotion at all. It is like the strive to remain a 3rd party. All that being said though they tend to have the opposite problem of the Greens in that they root for an almost Anarchy of the state rather than a sensible approach to anything which is why I cannot associate myself to them.

In conclusion we have a severe state of political incorrectness going on here and it bothers me to no end. I can't go not vote in the next elections, but I can't vote for any of these jokers. Maybe the time for me to run is coming...
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