Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Why actors aren't paid to think

Daniel Craig has been chosen as the new James Bond. Of course James Bond, the most successful film series ever created, which relies on no one man to make it great, has NO sequels, and every new movie has some new plot, new nemisis, new everything, and what does this brilliant actor have to say about the series?

Craig has said he does not like the fact that the films are more about gadgets than feelings.

What? What liberal hippy crap is this? I do not go to a James Bond movie to have my "feelings" swayed or my "emotions" engaged. I go to a James Bond movie to see shit get blown up, the bad guy get killed in some highly improbable twisted plot scheme that you don't see coming with all the twists and turns and cool cars and yes even the gadgets. Stick to your day job Mr Bond, I hope you are better at it than this statement implies.

Oh, one last thing I forgot to mention in that list....The women. That is all
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