Monday, October 10, 2005

Uh, excuse me?

Alright....The US within the last few months was hit by 2 hurricanes, cauging tens of billions of dollars in damage. This was a wind based disaster destroying everything in its' path.

Pakistan gets hit by an Earthquake, a disaster that is land based and does relatively low damage to the land (except these mud brick huts) and the Middle East has the gaul to suggest that the "West isn't acting fast enough"? Excuse me? How fast did you assholes act when we were hit by a much worse disaster?

Western governments rushed to step up their pledges for the earthquake relief effort after their initial response to the disaster was condemned as slow-moving and financially inadequate.

The United States, which was under pressure to increase a pledge of $500,000 (£280,000) considered almost derisory by many Pakistanis when it was made over the weekend, announced it intended to give $50m in emergency aid.

The gesture, intended to make up for the resentment caused by an initial pledge which, along with the British offering of £100,000, was labelled as "peanuts" by Qazi Hussain, the leader of the Pakistani opposition party Jamat Islami, was greeted as a major boost to the struggling relief effort.

Britain, too,increased its initial pledge to £1m for the effort, which the Government stressed would again be increased in coming days.

When they step up and pledge some money to rebuild New Orleans, then I will gladly give them some money, until then they should shut up. The Middle East's response time to the Hurricanes that hit the southwest was woefully inadequate, they should be condemned.
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