Saturday, October 08, 2005


Alright, I had a really really bad night tonight. If this isn't your cup of tea to see a rant about everything and anything wrong in the world, just skip this now.

The day starts, STARTS mind you at about 5 this morning. I am directing a rated section for a chess tournament for the School Chess Assosciation. I get up, shower do my thing, get all my gear together for what I need to do and leave by 6. I have to go to Kinko's to pick up the forms I ordered from them last night for this tournament. I get there about 6:30 or so, they aren't finished. No big deal they only had to be cut which took a second. I pay and then move on to drive what google said was about 50 minutes (took me all of 20) to get to the spot. I was there by about quarter after 7. Realizing that I forgot to withdraw cash from an ATM at the bank I figured I had about an hour and proceeded to drive around to find an ATM. I found a mcdonalds along the way too so at least I got breakfast. I had to pay the 1.50 teller fee for using on a a holiday gas station. Yay. I get back and everything is getting set up so I start setting up my section and what not, finding where everything is. Now mind you this is all children, which I for the most part despise. The only satisfaction I get is that these are the USCF rated players who are very well behaved and well mannered. However I find out that I am sharing the room for the rated players with the chess camp invitationals players. These kids were not the most well behaved group I have worked with, in fact they qere quite loud, rude and obnoxious at times. I was a glorified babysitter for these other children. Whatever. First round I have 8 players enlisted, however I find out 2 more should be in my section but didnt sign up correctly. I try to find these players while I have already started my first set of pairings and find one of them only to find out he was held back a grade (and from his looks surprise surprise) and he wants to play in his normal section., Ok we transfer him in. The other kid I can't find but luckily I can give him a bye anyways.everything went semi-smoothly from there with some problems in between.

Alright, I go to the gym, work out, using my music to pump me to lift some weight, I was thinking over my situation that I am in now, leaving someone who was horrible for me, but truly cared for me for the nothing I have now. Hell I cant even get a date, what the hell am I doing? So I am pumping weight I shouldnt normally be able to do because I have some adreniline and I am pissed off. There is another part to that story, but I will leave it out because that person may read it here. I feel something pop. I dont know what it is, I don't feel any pain, but I can't even lift the most basic weights anymore. Great, my strength training Saturday is done. So I go over to a machine and start running, I am not going to leave after some basic crap like that.

I remembered afterwards that I really need new shoes and thought what better place to go than the mall to find new shoes. Yeah, I am sure everyone else knew that it was homecoming weekend around the mall, but I didn't. So now I feel even shittier watching all these gorgeous girls running around in beautiful dresses, with their men accompanying them, having all sorts of affectionate displays around the mall. I really miss that (not that I ever did that shit in public, but just the closeness of a womans touch). Great, life sucks and here I am at the epicenter of my problem. Just great.

On to the shoes. Now you would think that being a guy and all I could easily find something for my feet. Of course it wouldnt be that easy. Since when did footlocker become a Nike shoe stor? All those bastards have is Nike. I really don't like Nike because they are overpriced for the cheap quality that they are. Aside from that, they had many different "designs" but all looked like cheap glued on plastic and came in all white, or all black. Personally I don't like black, it doesn't work with anything I wear and I hate white because they are always directly. Give me a brown or silver or blue shoe any day of the week. Not a god damn one anywhere in that store EXCEPT in the womens section. WTF!?

Ok, so I look at every damn shoe specialty store in the mall. Not a one has anything decent. Fine, as I am leaving I think maybe one of the anchor stores has something. Mervyns? Nope, every god damn one of them got shut down up here. Marshall Fields (aka Macy's), no mens casual shoes. JCPenny. YES! They had 4 designs of shoes I liked, even a brand I liked (Sketchers)...."You you have a size 15 of these I could try on?" "No, we only carry to size 12 in the store." "..." "We could special order these for you" "Alright, get me a pair" "Oh sorry, we can't order these or these or these or these anymore" "..." FOR THE LOVE OF GOD KILL ME NOW.

I walk back to my car, I am pissed, I am upset, I am tired, I am frustraited, I am ready to kill someone. Get in my car start driving like a madman to get home. On my way I know there is a TGI Friday's. Every time I have been there the bartenders are way nice, they talk to you, I can vent to them and not have to blog about this tonight. He was friendly with everyone but me. Not to say he was a bad server but he didn't open up to me like his other customers. A salad and 2 drinks later I am on my way home.

Fuck the world.

Fuck the establishment.

Fuck this. Really.
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